Rainy Day




Not much to say about this rainy day outfit except it’s super comfy! These gray skinny jeans are S.O from Kohl’s and I paired it with a fresh white tee. The statement flower necklace is from Sam Moon. I tied this outfit together with these black boots from Marshalls and a black blazer from Ross. My pink purse was purchased at Marshalls  and adds just a splash of color to brighten up the outfit.


UT Tailgate


Hook ‘Em




Oh hello there Mr. Franklin!


Om Nom Nom Nom… Get in my belly!

As you can probably guess I am a big UT fan.  I was lucky enough to attend a tailgate that was serving the famous Franklin BBQ!  Usually in order to have the honor of eating this famous meat you have to stand in line for hours and hope that they don’t run out.  So yes, I definitely felt lucky!

The blouse I wore was purchased at Ross and I paired it with my jean shorts from Nordstrom Rack.  My cowboy boots were purchased from Cavender’s and have been part of my shoe collection for 7 years.  My cat eye sunnies are from Charming Charlie.


Lunch Date


FYI… dogs are difficult to pose with haha


Ahh aren’t they adorbs!





I recently moved to a different part of town and am having fun exploring the neighborhood.  My boyfriend and I recently went on a cute little lunch date with our puppies.  We decided to check out a place nearby called Austin Terrier.  (Side Note: If you have never been to Austin you should know that the amount of great locally owned restaurants and bars is endless!) I love that this restaurant is focused on using local and farm fresh ingredients.  They were very friendly and accommodating to us and our pups!

My outfit on this lunch date was inspired by the oversized clutch from Charming Charlie.  My matching lavender blouse was a steal from Plato’s Closet.  I have had this statement necklace for a couple of years now so unfortunately I do not remember where it is from.  My black sandals are Candies from Kohls.  My silver and white aviators are Fendi.


Eye Catching







This is my experiment with printed leggings …. definitely a little more funky than my usual style, but what fun is fashion if your not willing to venture out of your comfort zone.  These fun black and white leggings were purchased at Marshalls.  I chose to pair the leggings with a solid lime green blouse with leather details, also from MarshallsAgaci has these black oxfords available right now which were perfect to keep this outfit quirky. My silver metallic chain strapped clutch that I used to complete this outfit is from Charming Charlie.  My matte finished sunnies were a gift from my sweet boyfriend. He picked them out at South Austin Marine.