My Instagram Secrets

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Maybe I’m breaking the rules… I’m not sure. But the purpose of this blog was to document my experience of starting my own business.  So here is what I have learned about Instagram:

You might ask, Why is Instagram important? or, What the heck is Instagram?  This social media application is a simple way to share photos.  With the filters and editing options available it is easy to make even the most ordinary object or moment seem special.



“Everyone is born with the same amount of hours in a day… it’s what you do with that time that will differentiate you.” – Ingrid Vanderveldt 

In order to keep my aspirations alive and moving I recently joined the Young Woman’s Alliance here in Austin, TX.  This is a great organization to network, keep yourself learning and give back to the community.  At the general meeting yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing  Ingrid Vanderveldt speak.  She spoke about the importance of finding a mentor.  Besides having a large resume of being an entrepreneur power house she is also dedicated to empowering other women.  I think it is crazy how things workout sometimes.  That day I received news that I was promoted to a Technology Specialist at work… exciting news but I’ll admit it’s scary and intimidating.  There is always so much more to learn about technology and it tends to be a male saturated world.  As fate would have it Ingrid is very a successful WOMAN in the technology world AND one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in the world.  If you get a chance to hear her speak please take the opportunity.  Her honesty about her life journey to get where she is now and the people she leaned on and learned from is encouraging.

I know that a technology specialist is not exactly related to having my own boutique.  But I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  If this position helps strengthen my sales skills, find more leadership opportunities and helps me save money to open my own business you can bet I am going try my best at it.  I will use the skills and life lessons from this to keep me on the path to my dream.

Ingrid Vanderveldt and I! Checkout her adorable floral necklace, smart and stylish!