2013 Year in Review

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Well goodbye 2013 you have a been good to me.  I even surprised myself that I was able to keep this blog going for a whole year aaaannnddd I definitely want to continue growing and improving it.  I started this blog to try and teach people that having style doesn’t mean you have to have money.  You just need some creativity and confidence.  I would never have imagined how much I could learn and grow from this project,  and not only about fashion.  I’ve learned about building a website, photography, marketing, ads and so much more.  I am much more comfortable with myself and I no longer criticize all my flaws in pictures.  Putting myself out there for the internet world to judge has been challenging at times – because like most girls I have my insecurities – but I am proud of myself for overcoming that and I know I am a much stronger person for it.  I of course could not have done any of this without everyone’s support.  Every comment and every like means so much to me!  So here it to 2014 and the endless opportunities it brings!

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